goodbye swifter mop

As you all know Pat and I always are struggling to find environmentally friendly products but that don't cost us our entire paycheck. Difficult to say the least...it's always so much more expensive to buy green. Hopefully one day that changes dramatically.

But to my surprise as walking through Target I found something that we could afford. I love Method's products and what the company is all about so I always check out their stuff in the store to see what's new. This time I came about the "OMop." We have been using Swifter Sweeper Wet Mop and I hate how you throw away each mop pad after use. Just chalk me up for adding tons of those to the landfills! But a regular mop just got gross in our house. So I'm glad to say that after our wet pads are gone...we'll be using the OMop I purchased. Not to mention that Pat is a huge fan of Method's packaging...good designs!

It comes with washable pad and the chemicals for the floor cleaner are much safer for us and lil Zane. Will be nice when he starts crawling all over our laminate floors!

Just had to share this new find with you all. You can check it out on Method's website or Target. Also check out their blog that has lots of good tips on it. Yikes...I sound like a sales person!