the great experiment

In the past 9 weeks our lives have changed dramatically. I'm reminded of this at different times and some times I think, "Oh this is what our life used to be like," when we have a moment while Zane's asleep or while we're driving to work (although the car seat is a reminder of parenthood). We have stepped into the realm of the unknown. Although we can read every book and article imaginable and try to take some of the advice, I've decided we're part of one giant experiment called PARENTHOOD. We're constantly "experimenting" something on Zane to see if it works. We try to give him a couple more ounces, we try to let him cry out, we try to see if he'll grab onto a rattle, we try to see if he'll scream when Truman licks his face, etc., etc., etc.

And I've decided during this experiment we might figure things out that work for our lil Zane but our next child will be another experiment all over again because I'm sure they'll have a completely different personality and needs.

During any experiment there are triumphant moments - i.e. this weekend when Zane slept from 10:30-7:30 am!!! Only happened one night but we almost felt tired that day because we had gotten too much sleep! And then there are the failing moments - i.e. the night that I was trying to file down Zane's daily growing nails so he would stop cutting his face as his hands are now constantly on his face. In trying to do this quickly and to get a stubborn hang nail, I thought Zane was just crying because I wouldn't let go of his hand, however Pat then pointed out that his finger was bleeding. I stopped immediately and just kept kissing him...I felt horrible! I didn't even notice! Again...now that experiment is over I know to be more careful next time around. Poor child!

So the experiment of parenthood continues...we get frustrated at times, roll over laughing at others and sometimes have tears in our eyes just realizing that this precious little being has been placed in our hands to take care of.

And that little guy is growing...his two month doctor's appointment proved that!

Two Month Stats:
Weight - 12 pounds
Height - 24 inches!!!
Yikes he doesn't fit into 0-3 month anything anymore!