keeping our kids safe

It's amazing how I look at current events differently now that I'm a mom. The tragedy at Virginia Tech is just unimaginable. I remember what it was like on a college campus and just can't imagine all that happened yesterday occurring while I was in school. But most of all I just feel for the parents who heard the news and tried immediately to get a hold of their children in hopes they were okay. I can't imagine the panic feeling. And then for those that found out their child fell victim to this horrible event. My heart just breaks for them.

The service at church this weekend focused on control and how we just aren't in control. We can try to control but we just can't. They mentioned trying to control keeping our kids safe and that hit me hard. We can try as much as possible to keep them safe yet even when we're standing right next to them they could accidentally do something to themselves or they could have a sickness that we have no control over. And the Virginia Tech thing is just another example - anything can happen at any moment. It's so cliche but it truly makes you thankful for the days you are blessed with and the people surrounding you.