Two Months


Yesterday you were officially two months old. Two months old!!! That seems so strange to say. This past month has been amazing with you. You have started to show your personality and we can't get enough of it! Your first smile showed up and now you smile at us all the time. Each smile just brightens our day! You discovered that you have hands. You rub your eyes, hold onto a rattle and hit hanging toys. And you've starting the baby talk. You pause when we are talking to you and react to us with the funniest noises. You love your tongue and could stick it out all day...it seems to be your favorite thing to do right now. You're splashing in the bath and smile almost the whole time you're taking a bath. And we recently discovered that you blow bubbles when we blow in your face. I know, we're so cruel, but it's just so funny to see you do that!

All these changes happening in one month makes me realize how you're growing up so fast. I wish I could slow time down when I'm holding you and you're snuggled into me. I know that there will be a day where you say "Mom don't kiss me in public." When right now I can give you a ton of kisses and you just come back for more or smile at me.

Our lives have been crazy the past few weeks in the adjustment of me going back to work but you seem to be adjusting well. You and your grandma are having a blast and you're already learning how to put up with all the picture taking! Chrissy and Marcus have had fun with you too and Ellie and Nate like helping take care of you! You are loved by so many people!!!
I can't wait to see what this next month has in store.