when it rains it pours

What is with that saying? I have always been one to think that I can avoid this saying. That it's not going to rain on my parade of life and that it certainly won't pour. But yet it still keeps showing up.

A couple Sundays ago it rained, and then after three happenings, I realized it was pouring. The day started with Pat getting called into work. I was so excited for that day to be outside, take a walk and spend time together since our lives have been so crazy. But that got derailed, understandably sometimes that happens with work, but it still upsets you. After Pat had left and Zane finally laid down for a nap I thought I'd be healthy and make a nice tasty fruit shake for myself. I pulled out the blender, inserted strawberries, pomegranate juice, some yogurt and a touch of orange juice and pressed blend. The series of events that unfolded was not my idea I had in mind of sitting on the back deck with my tasty treat and soaking in the warm sun. Instead it involved the blender's pitcher flying upwards towards the cabinets, coming off of the sharp blender blades and the contents spraying everywhere while I frantically tried to stop or unplug the thing. I somehow busted the area where you screw in the pitcher and it proved to me just how busted it was.

So after some major clean up work and going to the pantry for girl scout cookies instead of the healthy shake I had planned, it was time to feed Zane. I sat down to feed him and in the middle of feeding him I started to hear a really obnoxious noise from our laundry room followed by Truman barking at the noise. I waited a moment and realized it was just gradually getting worse. I broke Zane from his latch of eating (which he was oh so happy about) and went to investigate with hungry child in hand. Once in the room it was clear we were having an issue with our dryer. The thing sounded like it was going to blow if it spun one more time around. I stopped it and opened it up (just in case there was some little guy in there causing all the racket) and it made an even more deafening noise as it slowed down. I grabbed the phone, tried to get Zane to eat again and called Pat. I told him the "dryer was broke." He did not like the way I worded this because technically it still had dried the clothes so it wasn't "broken." After great debate on this topic, I have to admit I did the old hang-up-on-your-husband routine. Oops...I'm guilty. But if he had heard the noise he would have used the phrase "broke" too.

After calming down and having dinner at my parents we all returned home. As we unloaded the dog, Zane and the rest of our junk from the car Pat noticed some water in our garage. Our humidifier hooked up to our system had a plastic hose that dipped down and touched the top of the water heater, which caused it to melt and spew water into our garage. We seemed to have discovered it early enough that the only victims to the water were the bags the Goodwill donations were in.

So pouring it did that day. The rain has cleared since that day though. My mom happened to have an extra blender, Pat fixed the humidifier and well, my dryer...note the photos below. It's not doing a lot of drying these days but either a new motor will soon be purchased or a new dryer altogether. Lovely to not have a working dryer with a kid who loves to poop through his outfits!