he spit up all over the bride

This past weekend we went to two weddings in one day. Guess it was a good day to get married! Congrats to Kari & Nick and Chris & Courtney! We decided to keep Zane at Grandma's during the ceremonies. I was too afraid he'd break out in screams right as they said I do.

We were able to attend Chris & Courtney's reception. Zane had a blast, as well as his parents. We were able to catch up with friends we haven't seen in awhile and they finally got to meet Zane. Zane and I danced and he kept smiling every time I spun around.

The bride, Courtney, asked if she could hold Zane. It had been awhile since he ate so I thought no problem. As I handed him to her she said "Now Zane don't spit up on me," and right then he spewed all over her! And it wasn't small little spit up, no it was all over her arm and dripped down on her dress! I was so embarrassed!!!! Thank heavens the white of the spewage blended in with her dress. She took it very well though...sorry Courtney!!!

So that's our son's first encounter with a bride. Not sure what that means for later in life.

You can check out pictures from the two weddings here.