I'm thinking of changing the name of this blog and the address. Two reasons:

1. I keep getting French comments, seriously, and I end up deleting them because, well I don't speak fluent French and I'm afraid they're cussing out us American Laurents. I did get screamed at in French while we were in Paris on the Metro so I might be overly sensitive. Maybe they like us, but Laurent Files seems to bring them to our site...hope they enjoy reading though.

2. Laurent Files seems boring...and I copied it from Jimmy from his newsletter he sends out about his band. His is the FauntLeRoy Files...I copied completely copied.

So I would like to come up with something different...any ideas? Of course, I have to see if any of these are taken yet or not. Lots of people now call me Momma Maya...so that's one idea. But I don't know if I want to completely focus on being a mom, guess that doesn't mean I have to. Okay rambling...ideas please!