three months

Three Month Stats
(Unofficial stats as we had to weigh and measure you at home -
next doctor's appointment isn't till 4 months)

Weight: 12.5 pounds
Height: 25 inches


Three months have passed so quickly. I don't seem to recall what our lives were like before you were here. We seem to be getting into a routine with you now. (I better be careful saying that out loud for fear it could change). It feels good to understand you more...or at least think that we understand you. We kind of have your cries figured out and know when you just need to be left alone. There's still times that we have no clue what's wrong and the real tears you produce just break your Mommy's heart. Daddy laughs at how dramatic you are...you could have a future as an actor. With the combo of the tears and full out screech you have developed the last month, it can be funny before it gets frustrating.

How do you change so much in a month? You now can lay on your tummy without getting mad instantly. You hold your head up so well and even attempted push ups with your Uncle Spencer! You love looking at yourself in the mirror which could cause problems for us when you're a teenager and take up the bathroom time getting ready! Playing on your own isn't such a big deal anymore. You grunt, coo and ahh at your toys and talk to them like they'll respond.

You notice Truman the second he walks into the room and you don't take your eyes off of him. He seems to fascinate you and he's certainly fascinated with you. He really wants you to play with him. He brings toys to you and presses the toy on you hoping you'll grab hold and tug. Eventually you'll do that...and grab his hair and tug too I'm sure. But he'll love it!

You laughed for the first time just this past weekend! You gave a full out belly laugh for your Mommy. Of course now your Daddy thinks I'm lying because you haven't done it again yet. Let's work on proving him wrong okay? Because hearing you laugh was so cool! We have tried everything now to get you to repeat it and will continue to make fools of ourselves until you do it again. And then we'll continue the fools part to get you to laugh over and over! Get used to the fools thing.

Your bath time has taken on new meaning. It now is wet time for all of us. You splash a ton and especially kick fast and hard when your face gets wet. It's hard for Mommy and Daddy to hold on to you now because you move so much. But most of the time you're smiling ear to ear and happy to be in the warm water.

You kick so much now! Daddy and I have nicknamed you Thumper for the way it sounds on your crib. When you get excited you just kick and kick!

You started grabbing onto your ears and pulling them. When I say pulling I mean that you are practically ripping off your own ear. You get a grip of it and pull till it turns bright red. You also found your hands. They are your new play toy and personal teether. You are determined to get both hands into your mouth at the same time and even make yourself gag because you get your fingers in so far. You look at us when you gag with a face that says, "Who did that?" It makes us laugh every time.

Daddy and Mommy are still struggling to figure out our schedule of volunteering, friends, family, married and personal time. We'll get it figured out...it's just all still new to us. So stick with us and once you really start to notice what's going on, well, we'll still probably be running around like crazy, but hopefully with some sanity to it.

Summer is right around the corner and we can't wait to see you in the pool, at the lake and just enjoy the time as a family out in the nice weather. But for right now we're relishing in the moment with you and watching you change everyday.

Mommy & Daddy