never a surprise!

Some of you know that I had been planning a surprise vacation for Pat and I for our 5 year anniversary in July. I decided that we needed to get away and lined up Pat's mom to babysit and got things squared away for the vacation. I decided on Longboat Key, FL after debating about going to Aruba. Aruba will be a vacation someday but for the short time we're going it didn't make sense to have two whole days practically taken up with traveling.

My plan was to tell Pat the week before that we were going. I was going to talk to his work, etc., and have everything figured out. The other night we were chatting and I said something about "I want to tell you something but I'll wait." Now this could have been something about Father's Day because I've talked about that recently but no he went right for the anniversary. From that brief statement his reply was "Are we going somewhere for our anniversary?"

Are you kidding me? How does he do this every time? At least this time he couldn't guess exactly where we were going and what we were doing, which he did once! I can't lie at all so from my smile (or me trying to hide my smile) he figured he was right. So I gave in and told him! Oh well...it was the idea of surprise that counts!

It was tough for me to book the trip because it will be hard to be away from Zane. But I know we need time away and by ourselves, especially on our 5 year anniversary, so it'll be good! Can't wait to get my feet in some sand and just relax with my husband!

This is where we're headed in July!