time with zane

I'm sitting here at the computer, checking work email and writing this as Zane sleeps on me. He was watching all the pictures of himself on the computer and then just dosed off. We both are covered in spit up (he seems to be having some issues today) and my hair looks like I just walked through a car wash...but it's a good day. It's a restful day before a few crazy weekends. I have errands I should be running today but instead choose to stay home and just have Zane time. It was a good choice...I keep forgetting how much he changes everyday.

I love this photo...Pat will be mortified of the outfit Zane has on and that it's public. Sorry honey...but until he doesn't fit into it anymore (I'm sure in the near future) the ducks will still come out! After all, Grandma picked it out.