Credit to my husband again for this shot (I was in the process of changing a diaper)

Begin to see each other in a new like. Begin to notice how that click, click you hear on the floor is your loyal friend coming in your room to make sure you're okay. Begin to see him bring toys to you as he begs you to play with him. Begin to reach for him and feel his soft hair. Begin to smile at him when he licks your face, kisses your hands and actually cleans spit up off the floor before Mommy and Daddy can get to it! Begin a wonderfully loving freindship.

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AND the best beginning of all to celebrate is a birth! Congrats to Jenni & Lance on the arrival of Baby Parker! 8 pounds, 4 ounces of joy joined their family yesterday. We can't wait to to meet him tonight and for him and Zane to grow up together. We couldn't be happier for two great friends!