chalk another one up for myself

I've been a bit embarrassed to share my latest and greatest story in the land of Maya's Klutziness but here we go! Why am I embarrassed anyways? Everyone who knows me well knows that I can't walk on level ground without tripping over that imaginary dog that always gets in my way.

I was doing some shopping for the lake house and was peacefully make my way through the store. As I'm checking out I reach to the bottom of the cart to grab the beer that I've placed there. There's a shopping cart that it is on...most would see this clear as day! But as I reached to grab the beer I hit my mouth on the shopping cart. Pain shoots through my lip and my front teeth. MY FRONT TEETH! I think one is completely chipped in half because I can taste blood and feel something foreign in my mouth (a piece of tooth). I try to be collected about the incident but really want to run to a mirror to see if I still have a tooth and want to cry because my lip is throbbing!

I kept my cool and got to the car as fast as I could. Through the rear view mirror I could see that the damage, thank heavens, was just a small chip and my lip was pretty swollen. Since then I've had a dentist appointment in which they shaved down the chip as much as they could but you can still see a bit of it. It doesn't bother me that much and is much better now that I can't continue to run my tongue against the rough edge.

I felt much better about my situation when the dental hygienist told me she had chipped her tooth as well...by opening a beer bottle with her teeth! What's with beer and teeth?