honey, that's our number

Sunday we ventured to church since we haven't been in awhile do to being at the lake. We dropped Zane off at the nursery and headed into church. Our church has a good system for kids to make sure they leave with whom they are supposed to. Zane has a number assigned to him with a badge and we have passes to get into the children's area with his number on them as well. If there are any problems they use that number to flash onto a screen that is throughout the church. It wasn't until I had a child that I even knew what that number stood for. After I realized this I started to keep an eye on it and would see numbers flash up and think gosh, if that were me I'd be embarrassed to get up and leave right now. Granted you're in a room with about 1,000 other people but still!

We are sitting in the service and Pat taps me to say "Honey, that's our number." What? It is our number!!! Of course it's probably not an emergency but for some reason I kept thinking...yikes I wonder if he's okay! I got up and walked from the front all the way to the back. Somehow I didn't seem to care that people might be looking at me and I guess they could've figured I needed use the restroom.

I get back to the room and Zane is quietly being held by one of the girls and she looks like she's seen a ghost. I instantly figure out that he's been showing off his lung range. They tell me he's been screaming for 10 minutes and wouldn't calm down until just then. These are the summer people so I'm not sure they're really used to kids crying like that which I realized after being in there for a bit. He had a pacifier that all they had to do was plug into his mouth and he'd be set for sleep. But I don't think they realized he had one. Once I got a hold of him and gave him his pacifier he fell right to sleep on my shoulder. I joined a mom who was nursing in a private room with some rockers and rocked Zane as I watched the rest of the service on the TV. Somehow I didn't even consider what Pat thought was going on.

Things were wrapping up so I headed out to find Pat and the poor guy was standing right outside of the children's area. I had taken both of our passes so he couldn't come to see what was wrong. Oops! He said he felt like a creepy guy just lurking outside of the children's area. I'm sure they might have let him in but he didn't want to ask. I realized what a good father he is, not that I didn't already know this. He looked so worried just standing there waiting.