four months

Four Month Stats:
Weight: 12.13 pounds
Height: 25 1/2 inches

You are four months old. That’s right I said four months! Your Daddy and I can’t even believe that! We are relishing in every moment right now. Not that we weren’t before but it seems these days you change every minute.

You have become one with your hands. You understand how to use them. You grab, pull (especially Mommy’s hair and earrings), smack and feel things. You love anything with texture. You reach for things with noise and love to have your hands on our faces too. You used those hands to reach out to your dog for the first time. Truman leaned over to kiss you, I mean lick and slobber all over you, and you reached up and touched his face. You then repeated it several times and decided you liked him enough to keep your hand resting there. Daddy and Mommy were too slow to get the action on camera but we came close.

Tummy time is getting easier day by day for you. You actually enjoy it now instead of screaming! Your gym and any toy you can put in your mouth are favorites right now. I sometimes forget how observant you are. I laid down with you in your gym to see what the view was like for you and somehow I dosed off right next to you while you played. I woke up to your hands on my face and a smile from ear to ear. If you could talk I bet you would have said "Come on Mommy, I want to play!"

After your doctor suggested it, we started rice cereal just this week to see how you would take to it. You are now providing evening entertainment because of this little experiment. Some nights you can't get enough and grab for the spoon the second you see it. Other nights it takes waiting till you decide to open your mouth to maneuver the spoon in a hope that some gets swallowed. And your faces have either been huge smiles or a look that says "What the heck is that stuff?"

You roll onto your side and just hang out there. You usually get your thumb in your mouth and just start sucking. Now if you could only find that thumb at night instead of Mommy and Daddy going to put your pacifier back in!

You always seem to have known who your Daddy and I are but now you make sure you can see us. You will move around to see us talking and seem to find us with those beautiful eyes the second we walk into a room. Not that I didn't think you would recognize us one day, but I didn't realize how it would make me feel. When I see your eyes lock on mine it's just like the first moment I saw you all over again.

You have decided your Daddy is your new diaper. You've gotten him twice with "material" falling out of your diaper. It's always when he's playing with you and you decide he looks like a great place to let it loose. Don't tell him that we have a deal on this...because Mommy's clothes are more expensive than Daddy's to replace!

My favorite change has been when I am feeding you. You know look me in the eyes and eat at the same time. You used to only do this when bottle feeding. Now you'll eat a bit, unlatch and smile at me, and then go back for some more milk. You
certainly are enjoying your meal. The doctor is concerned about your ounce weight loss and that you haven't put on weight since the last visit. Mommy's slightly scared but at the same time confident that your body's just doing it's own thing and if that means your weight now hangs out in the 10% range instead of 50% then that's okay as long as you're healthy!

The past few days have been rough. You've been in a mood...we'll just call it "nothing will calm me down" mood. Somehow you continue to wake up as happy as can be and that makes us decide to keep you. We're playing off the lack of sleep pretty well except the lack of working out and the 3pm brick wall we hit during the day! But it's okay...your body's working something out so it's bothering you. Just wish we knew what that something was to help you out.
Your grandpa has coined you as Jeykl & Hyde. One moment you are laughing and the next comes the scream that makes Truman look at us and say "Take him back, he's hurting my ears!!!"

But we get through it because you are worth it. No matter how screechy your screams are, no matter how few hours of sleep we get or how you've stained our clothes with poop or spit up, we love you and relish in every moment with you.