needed: relaxation + family time

Pat and I feel like we have been on the go since Zane arrived. There have been small portions of time alone and relaxing moments but we haven't made a point to build those into our schedule. Our lives seem to have a routine with work, feedings, play time, friends and the boring stuff like laundry and dishes. But some of the things we find joy in we've pushed to the side....working out, painting, scrapbooking and most of all just spending time together either doing absolutely nothing or walking through a gallery or two.

Even though there's an Alpha Phi reunion I'd love to attend this weekend something's telling me "No!" So instead we're going to relax as a family, kick back and maybe watch one of Netflix movies that have been sitting at our house since Zane was born and spend some time with Zane and know that there's no place we need to be within the next hour.

I think we all have a habit of just filling our schedules. We sometimes say yes to everything. And it can be fun...we love spending time with our friends! There's nothing better than that. And we love volunteering but sometimes need to say no to additional commitments with that. Our bodies and minds eventually tell us "ENOUGH ALREADY!"

I think we're realizing that at least once a month maybe we should build in a day for relaxation. And I need to feel more comfortable with enjoying Fridays with Zane and not over committing to things on my days off as well.

Looking forward to our relaxation this weekend.