wanted: naps today

Some nights are rough, just plain unbearable. You are just about to shut your eyes, are finally relaxed and you feel your body falling into the bed. You hear a small whimper, no big deal, he's dreaming. And then you hear a screech, okay maybe he's a little awake. And then a SCREAM followed by SCREAMING! The kind that it makes your ears ring.

You try to pop the pacifier back in, no luck. You try putting him in his favorite position (which he normally passes out to), no such luck. You try walking the house, no luck. You check the diaper, nothing, and no redness to be worried about either. You switch off duties...maybe Daddy has the touch tonight. He runs through all of the above and Zane finally relaxes a bit as he buries his head into Daddy's chest. But this only works for a few minutes and the screaming is back. After several trips to and from the crib it's time for the swing. The swing gets him to sleep but someone decides to sleep on the couch. At 3am he's transported to the crib, where he chooses to silently stay.

The alarm clock goes off for work out time...I don't think so! Snooze!!! The time keeps passing...we wish it was the weekend and not a work day. Naps are needed today. We're frustrated and tired, we need just 5 more minutes. Finally one of us rolls out of bed, after quick showers and skipping drying my hair, we here the screamer. But this time it's not screams, it's talking and shrieks of joy. He emerges from the night all smiles and ready for the day to begin.

Now if some of that morning happiness could just rub off on us...