wrong side of the bed

Today I woke up, heard the alarm and thought "I'm going to get up to work out." And then my body told me otherwise, it instead said "Nope, you need rest, Zane was up a lot and sleep is in order now." Fine! I won't try to get my old body back, I'll just hope that sleeping helps tone things up a bit!

We had to drop Zane off at my mom's by a certain time this morning so she could take one of their dogs to the vet. As I jumped in the shower I knew it was going to be cutting it close to make it there. And of course today would be the day that I try on an outfit that I thought would fit now and it doesn't. It's too tight, the skirt is riding up (choose to still wear that) and it makes me mad that I didn't get up and start my day with a work out.

I put my makeup on in the car which makes me car sick. I can't do anything while in the passenger seat without this sickness coming over me! So I pause to take a sip of tea...it burns my entire mouth and throat! Lovely!!! We get to my parents' and my mom is sitting in her car waiting for Zane. I feel horrible, if I had just gotten up then this wouldn't be the case.

I'm just in a bad mood about starting the day recently. I'd rather have a graceful beginning of my day than hearing an alarm clock and rushing to get ready and only get to hold Zane or kiss him for a few short seconds before loading up the car to drop him off and then sit in traffic to head to work. I know sob story here and it could be much worse. I just want a bit of peace in the morning. I enjoyed the mornings more when Zane was still eating so early because at least I sat down for 20 minutes, relaxed and usually tried to read at the same time.

Guess I just vented all of that to point out that getting up at 5 am might be a good thing for our family instead of rushing at 6 am to get everything accomplished and the result being stress.