5 months

Weight: 13 pounds


You are just a few days past the 5 month mark and a month full of changes is behind you.

You began rice cereal and weren't too sure about it at first. Now you've got the hang of it and open your mouth everytime the spoon is near. You even scream sometimes because we can't get the spoon in your mouth fast enough! Truman loves this new time and sits right next to you to see if anything will hit the floor. He tries to clean off your face but Mommy and Daddy have to keep telling him to sit so you can eat in peace.

Speaking of Truman, you two are great friends now. He continues to bring you toys with hopes that eventually you'll grab and pull. He snuggles with you as you play on the floor and when we're at the lake house he sits outside of the room you're sleeping in until we let him in. You seem to notice him now too. You reach for him constantly and smile when he licks your feet.

You finally did a first for your Daddy! You rolled over from your tummy to your back. He was so excited he started screaming, which made me run into the room thinking you were hurt. You did that for about a week and now you just want to hang out on your tummy. You look like you're swimming most of the time. It seems you're trying your hardest to move but please take your time, I'm not sure Mommy's ready for that yet!

The funniest change, which truly provides entertainment to your Dad and I, is that you've discovered you have wrists. You move your hand in front of your face and wave or rotate your wrist. You stare at it more than any toy you have. It's the most fascinating thing you've ever seen. It seems you are trying to figure out how in the world that it works. It's just so funny to watch.

Thumb sucking has also become a favorite of yours. You stick that thumb right in your mouth whenever you get chance. Of course this is only during the day, you need your pacifier at night. Can we work on that so we don't have to come in and give it to you?

Small teddy blankets are helping you sleep better. Mommy was so hesitant to give them to you because of all the recommendations not to have anything else in the crib with you. After talking to the doctor and Grandma I realized there was no way you can get that little blanket wrapped around you. You love to rub your fingers over the fabric and almost always fall asleep with it over your face. We just tip toe in and pull the blanket off your face once you've fallen asleep. It is so cute to see you grab onto an object like that.

You put on a little bit of weight so the doctor was happy about that. Now you have to have an upper GI test to see why you're spitting up so long after you eat. They think it might be reflux, nothing major, but don't want to give you meds before ruling out other possibilities. Hopefully the test comes back fine and it's just something you'll grow out of. I love the first picture of you above because you're so little but we know everything will be fine and you'll grow up to be a big boy at the table with the rest of us.

You had a couple other firsts this past month too. You had your first boat ride and dip in the lake, your first time in the pool and your first trip downtown Indy. You joined us for the Strawberry Festival on the Circle and just chilled out in your stroller.

So many firsts this month and so many to come. We can't believe how much you change everyday. Have I said that before? But it really is true! We go on our first vacation without you soon and it's going to be very hard to leave you. It will be good for Mommy and Daddy to have some alone time and get refreshed (basically sleep a lot!) You will have a blast with Grandma and Grandpa and we won't be able to stop kissing you when we see you again! We will certainly miss you tons.

It's weird to say but thank you for just being you. You bring such joy into our lives and even when we get frustrated you redeem yourself with that smile or a cuddle.


Mommy & Daddy