the baby will play while we're away

While we were on vacation our baby certainly did play. He played with his Grandma and Grandpa and if he could talk he probably would have said, “Why are you giving me back to this two rookies? They don’t know what they’re doing Grandma! And you’re much more fun!”

Zane flirted with lots of girls, hung out at school with Grandma amongst kids (who I am sure he stared at for hours), took his first golf cart ride and went to the lake without us! Sounds like a rough life huh?

He also picked up a new facial expression and seems to us like he put on a wee bit of weight while we were gone. And he is starting to sleep on his side a lot more which is the cutest thing ever.

We’re very thankful for his grandparents allowing us to vacation by ourselves. We couldn’t be happier that they finally got some good bonding time with their grandson as well. Grandma even got to see a first – Zane rolled over from his back to his tummy for her.

Grandma documented Zane’s activities while we were gone. You have to check out all the captions…pretty funny!

It always takes a couple of days to come back to the reality of non-vacation life. But it feels good to be back with Zane and kiss his little head every night before bed. That kiss just brings warm fuzzy feelings to me even if he screams two seconds later.