kicking back our feet

We're back into the swing of things after our vacation to Longboat Key, Florida. We left Zane with Pat's parents and headed to the beach. I cried as Pat's mom drove away that night with Zane in the car. It was the strangest feeling for our house to be completely empty that night. Just Pat and I, not even Truman was around, he went with Zane as well.

We headed to Longboat Key the next day and I noticed that I wasn't as annoyed with children on the plane as before. Instead I felt for the parents that were with them, I wanted to offer to help if I was sitting closer. And seeing all the babies made me miss Zane even more.

We got to Longboat and after enjoying some ice cream headed to the beach. Beach time + pool time + some good books to read = relaxation. The last vacation we took (London & Paris) was awesome and we'll call it one of our adventure vacations. But this one was so relaxing. Pat and I decided that we need to have the combination of relaxing vacations and adventure ones.

Since we relaxed so much there's not a ton to tell you about except that we enjoyed some good drinks and great food. And decided that if we go back we'll get a condo and eat in more because the food there is expensive. We only missed one good photo opportunity at a place called The Sand Bar. The sunset was so beautiful and I forgot to throw the camera in my bag before we left. Oh well! I swear I'm related to my mom, who would have killed me if she saw that sunset and didn't have her camera!

It was a good decision to head on vacation with just the two of us this time. Being new parents we haven't had a lot of time to just be with each other and relax together. It was a wonderfully refreshing for our relationship and for our parenting.

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