update & best shot monday

We had a busy weekend as a family. Friday was Zane's GI test, Saturday was kayaking in the morning, work picnic, quick family nap and then off to a cookout. Zane's GI test went wonderfully. He drank the barium like a champ (he actually cried when they took it away) and they were able to see that there's nothing wrong with his GI track. So the serious options (involving surgery) are cleared. Now onto the next test (for reflux).

Saturday morning Grandma watched Zane as Pat and I did a kayaking trip with my company. It was down the White River for about 2 hours. The water was really low so we kept getting stuck, and I think it was frustrating Pat, but it was fun. We should've done the single kayak but who knew the water would be so low. It was a nice break from the craziness of our lives recently.

As we were moving along we came across this scene above. The remnants of either an old overpass or old train tracks. It's so strange to be in the middle of nature and then see this man-made abandoned structure. Makes you think how each structure we build has a lasting affect on our environment.

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