vacation goals

Yes I have established some vacation goals for us because, well it makes me more excited about it.

1. Miss Zane dearly but enjoy time on our own.

2. Read and try to stay away from any reading related to babies, baby food making, sign language, etc.

3. Lay on the beach and don't pay attention to the time. Don't worry about whether it's time to pump or feed or get someone down for a nap.

4. Eat lots of seafood.

5. Sleep in (if we're even capable of doing this anymore).

6. Don't touch a computer. (Sorry no blogging for a bit - I'm sure you're crushed! Ha!)

7. Have some drinks with umbrellas in them (because I think that's a requirement on any vacation).

8. Watch the sunset with my hubby.

9. Celebrate our 5 year anniversary over some wine and yummy food.

10. Enjoy spending time with this guy I met at a party almost 10 years ago now!