Have you ever been asked, "How do you think you've changed since you became a mom?" It seems to be a common question but not one that's easy to answer. It’s easy to identify that something has changed within you but pinpointing things just isn’t easy to do.

I had a good time on the girl’s trip this weekend but something was different. Yes of course I missed my guys above but there was something else that I can’t seem to identify. Maybe it was my slight annoyance of the bars we went to. I’m totally out of the dance club stage and was completely reminded of this. I would much rather sit over a couple of drinks someplace where you can hear each other talking. Talking, getting to know each other better. Maybe that’s another change…I crave friendships that are deeper now. I want that closeness with other women, yet it’s hard right now trying to have time for that and having time for Zane and Pat, and making time for myself too.

I think I realized this as I walked the beach over the weekend. There were some of the cutest older ladies walking together or sitting together with their husbands and just laughing. There were pairs of moms together with their kids in the sand. There were teenagers soaking up the sun and giggling over magazines. It’s interesting how women’s friendships develop through the years. From giggling and laying out to conversations about falling in love to the true tales of pregnancy to the struggle to balance family and life and eventually to watching that family grow and spread out into new families.

I struggle with balancing friends who are single, friends who are loving married life, friends who are trying to have kids, who have kids or are way ahead of us with kids. While I might identify more with one than the other I don’t want to lose sight of those friends that are in different life stages than myself. Because I believe it’s important to have that balance.

Both Pat and Zane have led me to new life stages and they bring me such joy. But I also need those friendships with other women.

The four of us walked down the beach, all of us in different life stages, and I wondered what our friendships would be like 10 years from now. And I wondered who will be those women in my life through out these stages. Some have come and gone already, some are newer in my life and others I’m sure I have not even met yet.

Just thoughts on a Monday after a short vacation. Shared this photo for Best Shot Monday.