bringing back moments

Do you ever crave certain moments back again? Different things can bring back those moments for me and today it's the weather.

It's about 70 outside with a slight breeze. It reminds me of sitting on the porch in college with my two roommates, all in our sweatshirts, just talking. A break from the "stresses" of college by just hanging out on the porch with the noise of the rowdy boys next door. No real deep conversations, but for some reason it stuck with me. One of the girls I haven't talked to in years and the other is one of my dearest friends who's jumped into motherhood recently too.

Another memory is of an evening that was crisp just like I'm sure this evening will be. I was working at the copy/printing shop at college and as usual, we barely had anyone there. The two of us working sat deep in our studies. In walks Pat, who asks me to come outside. He tells me he has something for me to eat on my break and we walk across the street to where the Quad was. He had a blanket laid out with candles lit, flowers and Olive Garden for dinner. The light of day was dimming and it was so beautiful. The trees cast shadows over the blanket which made it seem even darker. I so wish I had a photo of that. But weather like today brings back the memory.

Now if only I didn't have to be inside working today!