have I told you lately?

That even though we are getting into a routine and feel like sometimes our lives are on the go and non-stop...

That your kiss still gives me butterflies.

That I can't stand leaving you without three kisses or saying goodnight without them.

That I get chills when I see you hold Zane and play with him.

That your hand on my shoulder or hand holding mine is as comforting as a warm drink on a rainy day.

That your smile will always be the most charming and tricky smile ever.

That your annoying habit of clicking, chewing, stomping and making noises with anything, all day long, really is something I love about you.

That the hint of the smell of your cologne left over on Zane after you hold him makes me want to be in your arms right that moment.

That the way you held my hand during labor and squeezed it so tight when you were praying silently for our baby's heartbeat, that moment reminded me what kind of man I married.

That you telling me I look hot still makes me smile, even if I follow it with a comment how my pants don't fit the same anymore.

That I can cry in front of you like I've never cried before, and choose not to in front of others, and that you hold me even if you have no clue why I'm crying.

That you tease me with spiders or the act of pretending one's in the bed with us, even though one day it will result in a bruise for you I'm sure.

That your hyper/silly moments and memories of them get me through the hard days.

That I am so thankful I get to share my life with you, by my side, in our routine or being spontaneous. That is what I haven't told you lately.