happy grandparents day

I love this picture so much. It shows the bond with my mom and Zane so well. He's so comfortable with her and she can't stand to go a few days without seeing him. She watches him three days a week and each day that we drop him off I have complete comfort that he will be in loving hands.

Zane is blessed with wonderful grandparents. Although Pat's parents don't get to see him as much he seems to already know exactly who they are when he sees them. He laughs a ton for his Grandpa and cuddles with Grandma. I love that we can see them more often than we would have if they still lived in Pennsylvania. Once Zane will be talking I'm sure he'll always be asking, "When do I get to go stay with Grandpa and Grandma?"

I remember someone telling me to just wait till we have a child and see how your parents react. That it would open our eyes to see our parents in a different light. How true that statement really is. We have watched our parents hold Zane just moments after he was born and see their smiles and tears fill their eyes. We've heard the concern in their voices when even the smallest thing seems to be going wrong and the joy when they hear of his new accomplishments and personality quarks. They can't stand to let him take naps because they don't want to miss a minute of time with him. And they

Thank you all for being such wonderful grandparents to Zane. We hope you have a wonderful day on your first official Grandparents Day!