nice matters

Recovering from a weekend with high school students! So we're trying to rest in between our teething, diaper rashed son and work. I took the day off Thursday to finally use my massage gift certificate and have some me time. I'm excited but swamped to get things accomplished!

So it will be a bit light on posting but I'm behind on getting to something else. Brittany from Mommee and Her Boys bestowed the Nice Matters award to me. Thank you! I love keeping updated with Brittany and her adorable family.

When I started this blog it was to keep our family and friends up-to-date on our family and our adventures, although not that exciting of adventures! Instead of the Christmas newsletters we thought it'd be more fun to keep them part of our daily lives. But it has expanded to much more than that and I have started friendships through this blog and continue to meet new people who I am sure will become even better friends.

Now I get to pass this onto a few people. There's ton I can think of but I'm just going to pick two for now. Our husbands used to work together and we all were pregnant about the same time. This created the familiarity of what we all were going through. Lauren of Shades of Green has twin girls and her stories are always hilarious. Jeanelle, VerWaynia, is an avid Heros fan and is trying to keep up with her newly walking boy. I pass on the Nice Matters award to you both for being so supportive during this whole new motherhood thing. Even if we don't always get to see each other face-to-face I feel like we've created a unique bond!

And Kim...promise to do Face Behind the Blog when I gather and scan some pictures!