the crawling has arrived

It's official Zane is crawling! He began on Tuesday of last week with brief moments of crawling to objects of his desire and from then on it's a progression each day. He has not realized his own ability yet. Pat likes to say he's like a superhero who hasn't realized his true power. Currently he just seeks out to a certain object and is satisfied. We haven't reached the point of "sprint" crawling to everything but I know we're right around the corner. He seems to be distracted by trying to stand. He gets on his knees and puts one foot on the floor and tries his hardest to stand like us adults. Really I'm okay with him just focusing on crawling...no rush for walking just yet! Considering he already has discovered touching the TV, placed his hands over the outlets and now cleans our house by finding the smallest piece of dog hair or grass on the floor...we're in no rush for walking. NO is now part of our daily vocabulary.

Also new in the past week his Zane's neediness for Mommy. Maybe it's because he's not feeling so well but the second I leave his sight he loses it. This makes Pat feel horrible but I keep telling him there will be a time when all he wants is Daddy. The neediness was cute at first and I have to admit now it's slightly annoying. Now that he can crawl he'll crawl up into my lap or crawl to my feet, grab onto my feet and pant legs and whine while reaching up. I can't get anything done! I was trying to make baby food on Sunday and his train would occupy him for awhile and then he'd be at my feet again! I'd play with him for a bit and then go back to trying to accomplish something, which took much longer because of the neediness. And heaven forbid that he's playing in his pack n play or playing on the floor and I move out of sight. What am I thinking? I need to be in his clear line of vision for the child to function.

It's the strangest feeling to have him asking to be held and needing me. It's a feeling that I'm enjoying but not sure how to feel about being annoyed by it at the same time. I'm sure it's completely normal to be bothered by it when all I want to do is make a cup of tea and yes, Daddy can play with you for those moments. And then Pat goes and says, "Some people never get a chance to know what it's like," and I feel horrible. Which I know was not his intentions but rather to help me put things in perspective a bit.

It's just another step in this experiment of parenting!