sick breakfast

I remember hearing about families who all shared their sickness with each other and not understanding it. Pat and I occasionally did swap illness but it wasn’t that bad. Enter the sickness that started with the yuck in the car…which took a brief vacation and arrived again last week for me. But also add in a sore throat and head cold. Two days of work missed, one day that I couldn’t tell you what I did, my mom helping take care of me more, sleeping with trash bags next to the bed (Pat’s answer for no puke on the floor), suppositories (need I say more) and finally food stayed down. However, head cold/sore throat still hanging around.

The plus side of things, Zane and Pat didn’t get the stomach part of whatever I have. But they did get the head cold part. So our little guy has a stuffed up nose and now has drool and snot running down his face.

Saturday morning looked chipper with waffles curtsey of Pat to fill my finally accepting stomach. (Also my Best Shot Monday). However Saturday night at about 1:00 am to 4:00 am was not so chipper. Worst night to date for Zane. Screaming, snot, snot in hair, snot suctioned out, try to sleep while rocking, try to sleep on couch next to Mommy, pass out, wake up when placed in crib, snot suctioned out again, Mommy heads to bed to pass off to Daddy, Daddy tries all the above again and finally has victory with rocking but decides to wait a bit before placement back in the crib. Finally both of us place our heads on the pillows of our bed and thankfully Zane decides to sleep till 9:00 am giving us an extra hour of sleep.

Now I see what people were talking about with the passing of the colds. And now I understand the sleepy looks they gave me as they told me about it and I want to apologize now if I did not give you enough sympathy! Because there’s nothing worse than being sick yourself and wanting nothing more than to sleep but instead being up with your nose pouring lovely junk out and wiping it on a burp cloth to prevent it from landing on your child’s head that doesn’t need one more ounce of bodily fluid added to it.

Here’s to being parents!

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