list, well, kind of completed

I made some goals last month if you recall, and I did some of them, and have excuses for others. But I like this idea...why not have 5 simple things to do in a month? They don't have to be viewed as lofty goals. Pat and I have been talking a lot about how to build in time to our crazy schedules for our family, the two of us, individual time and for the building of authentic relationships. Well this might help thinking more along those lines.

So...what happened to these?

Sept. Goals:

1. Schedule the massage Pat got me a gift certificate for and follow it with alone time at a bookstore to explore.
I did schedule it, but poison ivy messed this one up. I will reschedule during the holiday season I think!

2. Take at least 2 hours and scrapbook on a Friday off.
Did this...resulted in being frustrated with the computer, but I did get a few wedding pages done (yes, that's how far behind I am! I keep making things for other people!)

3. Wake up at least 6 times (start small right?) to work out in the morning.
Oops...think I did 4! Almost...if Zane could just get through teething! Ha...that could be awhile!

4. Help my mom figure out pricing and start up necessities for her new possible venture.
She has been so busy too that we didn't make a lot of headway on this. But Friday we're spending most of the day on it.

5. See a movie (in an actual theater - do they still have these?) with my husband.
We had a date night with dinner and bookstore time. The movie we wanted to see wasn't showing in Indy. Ugh! And really there wasn't any good movies out at the time...so we choose the bookstore instead...yea, we're dorks!

October...new things:
1. Drink lots of hot apple cider.
2. Start on my new site.
3. Go on a hike of some kind with Zane and Pat.
4. Host a game night with some friends.
5. Take some family pictures.