go see this movie

Pat and I finally were able to go see this movie over the weekend. The second I saw the trailer to this movie I knew we would love it. It's a bit of Moulin Rogue mixed in with the Beatles. How can you go wrong with that?

More importantly is the beautiful artfulness of it. The imagery is amazing. I'm not sure why I didn't expect this from the director of Broadway's Lion King. Maybe there's some "weird" parts but that's what makes it a wonderful film.

It deals with so many times that were changing the world. It had Pat and I talking about what our parents and grandparents have seen in their lifetime. And it made us think about how we instill in Zane, and hopefully future children, that they can help change things. That they don't have to settle for how things are.

In the movie there's a dinner table scene where the discussion is centered around college and what the son will do. We're strong believers that it's not what you do, it's who you are and how you do it. I can't stand that our common get-to-know you question in the US is "What do you do?" Whereas in other places it's "Where did you go on your last holiday?" If anything has become more clear to me in the past few weeks it's that my job does not define me. That I can find something I am passionate about that may not be my career. I can find that passion and fight for it.

On the way home from the movie Pat said "Zane's going to be so weird." We always say this because we want him challenge what the common thinking is and to look at the world with different eyes. And I thought he'll probably be weird and that's what we'll be so proud of!