time for some more goals

November...when did that happen? The holidays are fast approaching and there's so much on my mind and to-do list that it all seems overwhelming. But I'm ready to tackle things head on!

Thank you all for your comments recently. I'm sorry that I have been vague to some of the circumstances but I never can remember who I've given my blog address out to. Someday I'll share it all with you! Thank you for your support.

Let's recap on October's goals...

1. Drink lots of hot apple cider.
Accomplished...I even had one day that I drank it three times! I found the Starbucks recipe for their apple cider but have yet to try it. Wonder if I can make it taste the same?

2. Start on my new site.
Start, yes, finish, no. This month!

3. Go on a hike of some kind with Zane and Pat.
Oops...this didn't happen.

4. Host a game night with some friends.
We had two couples over and stayed up until 1 am playing the Loaded Questions game. Hilarious!

5. Take some family pictures.
We took some and yes, I know, I have not posted these. They are in my stack of photos to edit. Coming soon!

And now I present to you (more to myself) my November goals:
1. Take a day off for myself and use that massage...pending no more poison ivy!
2. Accomplish at least half of our Christmas shopping.
3. Get new photography blog launched.
4. Visit the art museum with Pat and Zane.
5. Try to add more vegetables to my daily eating.