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The Christmas tree is up, with lights galore and pretty looking ornaments, there's a flashing small tree on our new cabinets Pat built and something to look at in each corner. But what does Zane choose to be in awe of? The door stops!

This week was filled with saying no to him playing with every single one in our house. It was like watching a kid in a candy store every time he noticed there was one of these behind EACH door. Can you believe it? And then we see him banging his head on our cabinet in our kitchen and trying his hardest to get underneath it. We couldn't figure out what he was doing until I leaned down to take this picture. Notice the door stop? It's supposed to stop our back door, which it clearly doesn't do with a cabinet placed in front of it. At least there's one door stop in our house that he can't play with, well until his reach is a bit longer!

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On other news...I need to say congratulations to
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