new obsession

As I look into starting another blog I have began a new obsession. (More to come later on the blog...hoping to work on it over my Christmas vacation). I'd like to share my obsession with you because I think everyone needs to shop here.

It's called
Etsy and started as a place for artists to sell their handmade pieces, artwork, etc. It also has people's vintage finds.

There are so many items I would love but know I don't really need. One day when we have another home I'd like to add some of these as touches to our home. There's nothing better than something created by another's hands. And I never mind paying a little extra for this too as I have an
artist in my own home that hopes to sell his pieces. I know what hard work goes into creating something.

I sent a wish list to my mom this year with some items from here. I think we'll start doing that more often for birthdays and such when people ask what we want. Some of my recent favorites:

How cool is this? I'd be okay with not ever putting anything in it but using it as an art piece.

Might be good in Zane's room to cover the smell of spit up!

I have a thing for big rings!

Gray Market Bag
I have been viewing these purses forever! I just can't get myself to spend this kind of money on a purse. But maybe the money I spend on all my cheap ones that break would be better towards this one and I can carry a bunch of Zane's stuff in it too!

Small Bowl
Who wouldn't want to eat some warm soup out of this?

Upton is actually in our home now. Santa will deliver him to Zane as he sneaks in to see if Zane is sleeping. You can see her other creations here.

We purchased three stockings including this one for our family since we needed an additional one this year! We love them! You can check out other one's at her shop here.