7 facts

I was tagged by Kim to do the 7 facts about yourself. So here we go...

1. My in-laws have the same name, Terri and Terry, their moms have the same name, Joan, and both of them have brothers named Greg. So we decided to continue this at our wedding. In our wedding we had 2 Megan's, 3 Jenny's, 3 Brian's and 2 Marc's (actually 3 if you include my dad). We might need to find friend's with different names! Any takers?

2. I never had a boyfriend in high school. Lots of friends that were boys and I was always trying to set them up with whoever they liked.

3. I can't stand Valentine's Day. This might be related to fact #2 but I also don't like it because everyone is celebrating being a couple that day. We have our anniversary to celebrate us as a couple. I told Pat after our first Valentine's together to not get me anything next time and he was relieved he was off the hook! :)

4. I was a 500 Festival Princess. Yes, I said princess. What does that mean? I'm sure you've heard of the Indy 500...well with that comes the 500 Festival of events such as the Mini Marathon, parade, etc. 33 college women are chosen (to go with the 33 drivers) from their collegiate activities, volunteering and GPAs. The queen receives a scholarship towards school. No beauty pageant involved whatsoever!!! My friend Allison convinced me to go for it and it really was a blast. Not many people can say they've walked on the track the day of the race or driven around it that day. Yes I had a sash and a tiara! This might be about the girliest thing I've ever done.

5. I never had been to the hospital till I entered college. Then it was a regular routine for Pat to take me. From some infections I got from not being able to hold food down for 3 months my sophomore year, Pat and I became regular visitors. Oh and then there was this incident with a dog cage, my foot/toes, blood, roommates trying to investigate and Jenni holding my hand while I got stitches in between my toes!

6. I cannot sit down for long periods of time. Even when I'm watching a movie I usually have to be doing something else at the same time unless the movie is that good. This drives Pat insane! I fall asleep way to easily watching TV. I feel like I need to be doing something with my hands, reading or writing.

7. I have only been in one accident with a moving vehicle. But I've hit, slid and backed into numerous non-moving objects. The list includes a parked car (the first time I was aloud to drive by myself to get bread for my mom...hit the car while parking), stop signs, a BRICK wall entry to a neighborhood and Pat's car (while he was in the car with me!). Suggestion...don't park near or behind me!