a reminder

Pat, Zane and I adopted a family this year to help them celebrate Christmas. This was our Advent activity of shopping for a charity or family. I've been reluctant to mention it because we don't want recognition for doing this, we just wanted to help people out during the season.

We were paired with a single mother and a one-year-old little boy. As we shopped for them it kept hitting us how rough it must be to be a single mom of a child this age. We were looking for the same things Zane's interested in and I just couldn't image being a single mom at this time.

We were able to deliver the gifts and meet her and her son last night. I wasn't sure what to expect but was excited to meet them in person. As we sat and talked and Pat played with her son her story tugged at me. She was in tears as she talked about all the pouring out of love and support she has gotten from those at our church. Those that have reached out weren't being judgmental of her situation and instead have responded in such a loving manner. We could see how it has touched her life and will now show up in how she raises her child.

On our way home Pat made the statement that this is what our church is all about. Reaching out to others, not being completely taken over by "converting" someone but just showing them a loving, caring spirit. Being excepting of people in all situations.

We were reminded that this is what Christmas is about. It's not about how many gifts we can buy our family, Zane or each other. It's about reaching out and loving on others in need. Not that it just has to happen over the holidays but the holidays are sometimes when people feel the loneliest and most helpless. We decided last night we'd like this to be one of family Christmas traditions, to always find a way to reach out to a family in need.