our next advent calendar activities

Here's our next set of Advent activities. The photos aren't the best but you get the idea!

1. Design Christmas card and email it
Have any of you gotten them yet? Nope! We're still in the process. What do you think about After-Christmas cards?

2. Make paper ornaments
We want to make a ton more of these for next year!

3. Go to the art museum as a family
We drew this one the day we were hit with snow and ice. We've postponed it to after Christmas when we're both off.

4. Read Zane the Christmas story from the Bible
We read out of his children's Bible. He wanted to turn the pages himself the whole time.

5. Give someone an anonymous gift
Can't say a lot about this...it wouldn't be anonymous then!

6. Hunt for our family's The Night Before Christmas book
We finally found one that we liked the illustrations.

7. Get carry out and eat it while watching a movie
We stopped by Chilli's to get food that we normally don't eat...fried! Both of us felt horrible after we ate it but oh well! We enjoyed watching a movie while nibbling on some popcorn.