we're digging out from under toys

We're still here...just trying to find the computer in the midst of all the new toys. I think we somewhat have an order to it now and we sent some off to Grandma's for Zane to play with there too.

Zane's visit with Santa went well on Friday after standing in line outside for 45 minutes. We were insane to wait that long to take Zane. First of all, these places charge so much! Good thing they let my mom bring in her camera too so she got some of the cutest shots. We were at least happy that this Santa had a real beard! Zane didn't cry but just looked very confused the whole time. He kept looking at the end of Santa's hat and we were just waiting for him to pull it off.

Our Christmas was wonderful even though our cinnamon rolls didn't turn out on Christmas morning! You'd think two practice runs would have ensured success but the rolls just never rose for some reason. It became a joke all day with my family.

We're both off till Jan. 2 so our family is planning on a relaxing and getting a ton done too. Pat's painting (or playing the Wii) and I'll be learning Lightroom and getting things set up for two new blogs!

Christmas photos coming soon.