the story of stuff

Pat and I have been talking about how to make our house work with two children. No this is not an announcement that we are expecting but we are trying to think ahead a bit. I just could not see us moving in the coming years nor do I want to. Pat feels the same way and we've figured out some fun changes to make to our house to have four of us + Truman fit into our small 3 bedroom space. I'm excited about making it work!

With that comes the trouble with accumulating stuff. I've talked about it before but have been struggling with several items in regards to stuff. The first is Zane's birthday. I was feeling guilty for us not buying him anything for his upcoming birthday. And then the more I think about it I think "who cares." He doesn't need more things when really it's more about just being with him.
So okay, that struggle is laid to rest.

But then there's this side project I'm thinking about starting. The other blog, in additional to the photography business one, that I've briefly mentioned. The idea is to feature modern items for the family that are affordable. We love modern decor, toys, etc. but always hit a brick wall when we find out how expensive it is. I'd love to make a place people can come to and see items I've found that are reasonably priced.

However, is this just creating the want for more stuff? Or am I instead creating a place where people can go to find just what they need and can use over and over so that they don't continue to buy even more stuff? I'm really struggling with this and keep putting it off due to this. Any thoughts?

I know I've sent you to articles before on this but take 20 minutes of your time and watch this video. It will help you understand some of my views on how we just keep filling our homes with stuff. And I think it will make you think twice the next time you go to buy something.