so not prepared

Recently it's hit me how unprepared we were to be parents. We weren't expecting to find out we were pregnant and although we had some friends who had kids I just don't think we paid attention when they went through the whole new baby thing. It just seemed so far out for us. We were focused on looking into possibly moving out of the country for a bit and then here comes baby!

I now see friends and my sister-in-law go through the pregnancy thing and their preparations and realize just how clueless we were! We didn't go into Babies R Us until it was time to register. We didn't have a clue what was there or where anything was. I avoided this place at all costs before! I always went to get baby gifts at Target instead. Even then it took Pat and I 20 minutes to find an aspirator for a baby shower once!

As I was brushing Zane's teeth last night for the first time this all hit me again. I had no clue what I was doing as I stuck this little toothbrush in his mouth for him to just bite down on it! I know the Peds dentist said it was important to brush as soon as the teeth came all the way through. Zane seemed to enjoy it when he let me actually move the brush.

Pat and I laugh a lot about this. Although we always knew we'd have a family we just didn't pay attention to things like others seem to do. We weren't gazing at baby stuff dreaming of the day we'd have one. Instead we walked by it quickly for fear it might pull us into that!

Zane, we hope that we're not doing any long-term damage to you as we experiment with what works and doesn't! Sorry that we were so clueless but I guess that makes it more fun!