One door closes, yet another one opens.

I've always hated this phrase but am beginning to see how it relates to life. I got a link from a friend to travel photos and I felt myself disappointed. I had hoped Pat and I could go back to the UK this year and visit his friend Marc and his wife, Heather, in Oxford. I'm not so sure that we'll be able to pull it off this year because of funds which is a total bummer. All the changes ahead might force us to be a bit stingy for awhile on extra expenses. When we went on our last trip we discussed trying to go out of the country every other year. Maybe something will change a bit and things will work out for a short trip, who knows right?

Maybe we'll make our home Europe for a day to cheer us up! Pat is wonderful at this! When we were dating we had planned a ski trip. When the date got closer I had some unexpected school bills and we had to cancel the trip. The weekend we were supposed to go on the trip he turned his apartment into a lodge with paper all over the walls with logs drawn on them, marshmallows and a picnic on the floor with candles (to be like a fireplace). It was super sweet and made me forget about our planned trip.

The photos are from our stay in Paris. Hotel Duret...a boutique hotel which I highly recommend if you're headed there. We like supporting family-owned businesses when we can instead of chains!