here I go

I am about to give blood at our work's blood drive and all I can think about is the scene that ensued the time I gave blood in high school. I was one of the willing high school students who thought missing class and having some soda and a cookie wasn't a bad idea. No problems with the whole blood part of it, the soda was okay and the cookie was a bit stale.

Fast forward to 15 minutes later after they've okayed me to get up from "resting." I walk up three flights of stairs to a class, get to the top of the stairs and start to fall back. Luckily my friend Jay was there to catch me and to help me make my way into the hallway. I don't remember a whole lot except a teacher telling me to lay down (in the middle of the hallway - HIGH SCHOOLERS WORST DREAM) and that people were surrounding me and talking to me. Fast forward another 10 minutes and I am being taken by a wheel chair through the main cafeteria hang out area to the nurse's office. Really there was a better way to go but this is the route they choose. My brother happened to be there at that time to which he choose to scream - "What happened to you Maya?" Thanks for pointing it out to everyone Justin!!!

I remember laying in the nurse's office waiting for my mom to come get me and thinking I would never give blood again. Well here I am about ready to...wish me luck and no wheel chairs and fainting!

UPDATE: It went well. After they screened me twice for low iron (big surprise there!) they let me donate. After finding out my blood type the guy said "You know we are always low on this." Yes, I recall you hunting me down before for it! And it went well, so I will try to commit myself to this more often.