we're here

No worries, we're still here and moving along. I don't think I've gone almost a week without posting in awhile. My first week of work was wonderful. I was welcomed with flowers and lots of laughs. Lisa had her baby! I can't wait to meet little Bryce (not sure how they are spelling it yet!) So my first day was download day because she was getting induced the next morning. I'm jumping right in and have been meeting all kinds of people so I understand the big picture of the hospital.

In other news...WE HAVE A WALKER!!! We are no longer just walking from the couch to the coffee table but now are following us around the entire house walking. It is so strange to see Zane just stand right up and walk where he wants to go. He is very proud of himself and giggles a lot while he walks. I took around 100 photos today in 15 minutes trying to capture the walk. He is a fast one so we'll see if I got anything decent!

I need to get Easter photos posted, so maybe tomorrow. Zane was a joy Easter morning and a bit of a terror in the afternoon. He decided an afternoon nap was not his thing that day so we were left with complete melt downs once we got to my parent's house. I tried to calm him down and rock him for a bit after battling the nap. He seemed like he'd fall asleep but never did. However, Pat grabbed the camera and got some of my new favorite photos with Zane. Zane is such a cuddler and I love when he sits still long enough for me to just hold him close like when he was a little one. It was the calm before the Zane storm hit later that afternoon!

I'm trying to sleep at least!

He saw Daddy! So of course he has to smile for camera! And how to you like that drool?!!
This face is more like his attitude that afternoon! :)