and we're walking

Too fast for Mommy to not get me blurry!
Walking with his golf club. Grandma and Grandpa L - Aren't you proud? He carried one around all weekend.

Going from door to door.
Resting but just for a moment!

It's like a light bulb clicked on and all of sudden Zane has this walking thing down! All weekend he'd walk back and forth through the house and picks himself right back up after falling. Except the fall when I was video taping and he nailed his head on the baseboard...all on video! I quickly stopped!

We learned this weekend that the task of painting a room doubles (maybe even triples) in time with a child in the house. One of us was on Zane duty while the other painted and then we'd switch. Just one more thing we are now finding out as parents!

These aren't the best photos, I was playing with the camera and had a fast moving subject. But they still give you the idea of how fast he already is. Watch out...here he comes!

I don't really know which is my favorite shot this week. Like I said, just playing around and nothing is jumping out to me. But hey, I took a ton of photos still!

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