confessions of a non-singing mom

Zane wasn't so sure about how cold the water was at first.

Getting used to the cold water.

Chasing after a ducky.

Checking out the adult swimmers next to us.

You think he's having fun huh? He's flirting with the lifeguards!

Someone hit his sleepy mood!

Heading out of the pool...and time for a nap!

Zane and I had our first parent/child swim lessons this week. My mom joined us for the first one to grab some photos, unfortunately the windows were all the way on the other end but she still got Zane's grin so that's all that counts!

I had no clue what to expect going into it but one thing - I wanted to get Zane even more comfortable with the water. My parents have a pool and Pat's parents have a lake house so Zane has to be familiar with the water and hopefully he'll learn some things too.
What I wasn't expecting was singing!

I should have known with the age group of 9-18 months. I'm not completely against singing, Zane and I sing all the time BUT I'm not cool with doing it in a group. A little too much cheese for me! This is why I'm not an preschool teacher I guess!

We circled in the water and sang at the same time and had motions to go with them. I only knew one of the 5 songs we sang! Oops!!! Zane and I listen to music but more like the Beatles and Jack Johnson and other things. Sometimes we listen to kids music and I have tons of books with the songs that we read but again, not loving it in the group setting!

I told Pat I felt like a bad mom because I wasn't into that. I'm sure I'm not alone and maybe some of the other mom's there felt the same way. We're still going, and we'll sing cheesy songs, so that Zane can get the hang of the water! The things we do for our kids!