a different kind of morning wake up

We had hit snooze a couple times this morning before Pat had to get up and then I hear something followed by Pat going, "Maya" in a worried tone of voice. I sat up and realized our house was shaking. At first I thought a huge truck went by or something but it kept going on. We were having an earthquake!

Now all you California people are saying "Yeah big deal" but it is weird here. I remember one when I was little, one when I had my internship and that's about all. They're pretty rare. So rare that Pat and I had this huge debate one time as to whether Indiana had earthquakes so this morning after it happened I promptly said "Indiana doesn't have earthquakes huh?"

Zane slept through it all and we could hear through the monitor the crib hitting the wall in his room. I'm editing photos right now and I just felt another one, not as big as the one this morning though. Zane slept through it too. So weird!