continued amazement

Tonight it all came together and hit me at once...Zane is no longer a baby! Did someone forget to tell me about this happening?

Last night Zane and I played outside for at least an hour. We walked around our street until Daddy got home, back and forth we went. We interrupted a neighbor having a disagreement with his teenage daughter and I thought "Not too fast Zane, slow down the growing please!"

Before a nap today he kept reaching for his room. I followed him in and he grabbed his teddy and stood in front of the crib! Seriously? Did he just tell me it was time for his nap???!!!

Then tonight we ate dinner, after he signed to us he wanted to eat and when he wanted more. We said it was time to get ready for night night and he walked right into his room and pulled his teddy out of the crib! After getting his PJ's on we grabbed a book and told him it was time to read a book and he followed us into our room. Mind you we have only been reading his night time story in our room for a bit over a week (we moved his nursery chair into our room). He climbed up onto our bed and snuggled in for a story. After I read he wanted to flip the pages himself. We told him it was time for bed and he grabbed the book, climbed off the bed and followed us into his room.

As Pat was praying over Zane I just stood in amazement. What just happened in a matter of 15 minutes? Our son just did so much on his own and wasn't the little baby who I rocked softly to sleep while Daddy read a book. Where did my baby go in one day?

It's amazing to watch the changes but sad at the same time. It makes me want another little one so I can enjoy both stages at the same time...but NO announcements. Just being sentimental right now!