The past weeks seem like a blur to me. From starting the new job to jumping two feet into photography with my mom along with Zane walking and Pat having some leads on placing his paintings, I don't know where the time has gone. And I want to make sure I'm taking the time to be a good mom, to get down on the ground and play with him. To spend more nights on the couch with Pat just talking with no distractions and to call my friends more who I haven't been so good at keeping contact with.

But then I have to remember, I'm not perfect. Perfection is not something I desire either, I want to be a little off, because that's what makes people real. But yet I still feel that pull every now and then.

Then I see moments like the one above and realize perfection is all around me if I just stop and look. What a perfect moment of my two guys chillin outside at my parents' house. A nice reminder that it is around me.

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