first haircut

Zane had his first haircut a couple weekends ago. Let's first remember with these photos that this was during the bedroom painting weekend. We cut his hair as one coat dried hence my lovely hair and outfit!

Now that we're done with that...we borrowed some friend's clippers and attempted his first haircut all by ourselves. I was so nervous I was sweating! I didn't want him to end up with a stripe down his head. He actually sat pretty still and read a book with Daddy and played with the brushes while I went to town on his long hair.

After I was finished I couldn't believe how much a simple trimming of the hair made Zane seem like such a big boy! We put it off way too long but here he is with a a new haircut! The first of many to come!

He was very curious about the sound the clippers made in his ear.

Telling me not to make a mistake!

He's saying Oh Uh before I've even finished!

Have you noticed the snotty nose yet?

And here's our big boy haircut!