I'm typing with a sleepy baby in my arms at 11:50 pm. We don't know what's up but blood curdling screams that have been coming from him so I'm letting him calm down and sleep on my shoulder while I type.

I have been so absolutely busy recently that it stresses me out in the morning thinking about all I have to accomplish in a given day. I am trying so hard to stop and breath in times that it just doesn't seem possible. Deep breaths to take in what surrounds me and try not to miss it.

As we got out of the car the other night and I grabbed a sleepy eyed Zane, he turned his head to the stars and let out the largest gasp I've ever heard him do before. He kept gasping while signing lights over and over again. I stopped and gasped with him.

The other day when my mom and I were taking photos of this senior, I looked up and loved the sun. It was washing everything out and was just beautiful. I stopped and saw the beauty, even if just for a moment.

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